Aikido. . at my age?

If you’re 60+ yrs. old and are asking this question, please read on –

For the past 8 yrs., this lady (now 70 y.o.) has been studying the martial art of Aikido.   Eight yrs. represents the cumulative total of my time in dojos and on the mat given life’s interruptions – relocation, new grandbabies, job changes and even death. 

It has been one of the more life transforming choices I’ve made and is still shaping the course of my life, adaptation to body changes and, most of all – an insane love for the pursuit of well-being both physical and spiritual.

Arthritic changes, loss of flexibility, range of motion and balance can so benefit by the gentle, intentional movements in Aikido.  Coupled with the caring and support of an outstanding Sensei, the spirit of the dojo thrives and promises to invigorate –

even on days when you’re feeling “less than”. 

Do yourself a favor and consider a visit to Aikido of West Reading.   Make your 4th quarter a season of promise!